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Joan Carl interviewed by
Joseph Armillas on
"L.A. Interview"

I fell in love with sculpture when I was nine and was handed my first plasteline (oil based clay). From then on it's been a steady progression of drawing, painting,modeling, and carving: all the time asking questions of the materials, of myself and of life. I loved and studied all forms of the arts - music and dance included. But I found I had to use the visual, mainly the sculptural, for it combined all the forms of the arts. I found my "voice"!

My studies started with a summer session for children at the Cleveland Museum of Art; and progressed to majoring in art in high school. Then it was on to the Cleveland School of Art, The Chicago Art Institute, an apprenticeship with Sculptor/mold maker Sherry Peticloas and then another apprenticeship with the Prix de Rome sculptor, Alber Wein, with various studies in-between. Though I have gone on to teach others and to produce my own work, commissioned as well as "just because I must"; I have never stopped learning. Each work making a statement, is also an involved conversation. The material and I converse and I do a lot of listening i.e.: learning not only about the materials but also about the myriad ramifications of the subject.

I have been fortunate in that I have had many shows and commissions through out the States and abroad; and my work lives in private collections as well as some museums. All that is a perk along with the privilege of living the life of my passion with a passion.